Homework for 11/9/2012

How do you feel about 5th grade? What is different this year in comparison to 4th grade?

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32 thoughts on “Homework for 11/9/2012

  1. santiagovillalvazovillafaña

    How did you feel in 5 grade? I feel a little of difference 1st.I have for 1st time on my life a teacher a male one.2nd Ihave a lot of new people to know.3rd And for 1st time on my life i have a class n the 3rd floor!

    • santiagovillalvazovillafaña

      I think the only difference comparing with 5grade and 4grade is that in 4grade we have teacher end in 5 grade we have male one.

    • gerardo

      5 grade the best year of my live 5 year 1000 times better than 4 grade

  2. Maximiliano Romero Budib

    I feel great in 5th grade
    I think 5th grade is better
    than 4th
    You are the best

  3. gerardo

    very good i thing that is a very good year

  4. nacho

    This year i feel very good because i have very good teacher i a little difficult because we have more work more homework and the friends are different of last year, more new people ,well this is how i feel here in 5° grade.

    The difference here in 5° grade is the teachers, the classmates,the homework ,the work etc but the most thing that i like are the teachers and classmates, well this is all.

  5. Edith Valentina

    I feel very good in 5th grade because I have a really good teachers and classmates. The last year was a little different in comparation whit this year.
    From: Edith
    P.S. This is a very good page.

  6. Miguel Angel Burgos Roldàn

    I feel nervous because my mom said me that 5th grade is dificult but i will do my best efort for 5th grade
    4th grade is easier than 5th grade.MIGUEL from 5D

  7. Fabrizzio Cuanalo Roldán

    5th is great we learn more things,but is more difficult than 4th.

  8. Omar Douglas

    In 5th grade I feel nervous because a lot of people has told me this is a difficult grade, but I feel fine because there is a lot of people, I mean friends I like.

  9. Emilio Real

    I feel so good in 5 th grade it is different because we have more work and more homework but it is fun
    EMILIO REAL 5D thanks

  10. Andrea Navarro Millán

    I feel really good and so excited this year! I think that 5th grade is different to 4th grade because it´s the first time that I have a teacher (man), 5th grade is more difficult, I like this group more than the one in 4th grade because this group is SO FUN, I like very much my teachers and my classmates and I think I am going to learn much more this year. This will be an incredible year for everyone!!!

  11. i feel happy this year because i have new friends and new teachers i love evryone
    4th grade is diferent because i think is more deficult 5th grade

  12. Pancho Orduno

    I feel great, cool and happy. A little bit nervous.
    In comparsion with last year I feel more relaxed.

  13. Leonard Rudloff

    Leo 5D
    I feel good in fifth grade because I am making loads of new friends and I like my teachers.
    The difference is that the subjects are much more interesting than in fourth grade and I have a new friend who does not speak Spanish so I can practise my English.

  14. Valeria Flores López.

    Valeria Flores López
    I feel grate because i do new friends.
    The difference about 5 and 4 grade is that in 4 grade i have more friends than in 5 grade but i happy in 5 grade.

  15. Jose l

    That in 5 grade are new friends and new challenges

  16. emi m.t

    I am feeling best in 5 grade I can´t remember 4 grade 🙂

  17. monkey group girl

    I feel good.Is diferent because we are lerning more things and we have some large books.

  18. Paola Ortega

    I feel in this year very happy because i like my teachers and in 5th grade is more dificult than 4th grade

  19. Robert

    I feel great in 5th grade!But also I feel a little old. It is different in comparison to 4th grade because I get new books, new friends & new teachers.

  20. Gaby Pardo

    Well now in 5th grade I feel so confortable and exited about everything that we will make, I think this year will be so fun ! 😉
    This year I think will be more difficult than 4th grade because we are learning so many new things.
    I wish this year can be so fun !!!!!!!!! 😀

  21. bego

    i feel good and I know more adjetives

    I love JUSTIN BIEBER ❤

  22. Ricardo Bravo

    I feel very good in 5 grade and in comparison of 4 grade I think this year I will learn more this amazing year. Ricardo Bravo.

  23. Matt

    Matthew Park: I think that 5th grade is harder because you become more responsible and you get more pressure from your friends. But even though it’s harder than 4th grade it will be a greater year.

  24. Mara

    I feel good 5th and in 4th they are so fair

  25. Mely

    I feel happy because i make new friends and i feel little diferent of 4th grade because i learn new things this year

  26. Luz América Martínez Arroyo

    I feel more better than last year, because I think that I can understand more English and I am more responsible. In comparison to 4th grade that there are more rules to go to reccess. Luz América Martínez Arroyo 5th D

  27. abigail espinosa

    5th grade is different of 4th grade because i do it in an other school and i was living in the D.F.

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