Homework 17/9/2012

Pretend you have just moved to a new country. Write an message to a friend back home explaining how you have adapted to life in this this new place. Use all the vocabulary words!

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36 thoughts on “Homework 17/9/2012

  1. Aileen Márquez

    Hi friend,
    Right now I am in my homeland that is MEXICO.Sometimes I am bewildered because they talk in a different lenguage in France. But when I see the eiffel tower I was so amazed. I longed that France is a very beatiful country and my desire came true. The eiffel tower is a very beautiful sculpture at France. When I was in France for the first time I was very surprised and kind of still , but in that moment I was going to shout. One day I go to many towerings and it was awesome. AND FRANCE IS A BEATIFUL COUNTRY TO VISIT !!!!!!!

  2. Edith Valentina

    Dear Mr. Jonathan:
    Now I have a new homeland I am a little bewildered because I dont now very well the lenguage but at the same time amazed because this country has a lot of sculptures in their museums,and also here are towering monuments.I think that I would still a long time in this country.I longed to see you again.
    From: Edith

  3. Paola Ortega Gonzalez

    Dear Mr jonathan
    I miss my homeland and I am very bewildered because this place is diferent for me and I am very amazed because this place is beautiful and next I go to a museam that is of sculptures and is very beatiful an l met a girl that she teach me the towering mountains and my friend say me that I would still more time in this country and I longed see my friend again.

  4. Andrea Navarro Millán

    Dear Mr Jonathan:
    I moved to a new country and I am so sad because I really miss my homeland! But I am also amazed because I have visited towering monuments and lots of museums with incredible sculptures of memorial people. I get bewildered when I go to restaurants or malls because I don´t understand this language! The culture, the weather and the people are also different. It has been difficult to get used to the time difference. I think I will still in this country for a short time. I long to see you soon!!!!! I miss everyone!!!!!

  5. Gaby Pardo

    Dear Mr.Jonathan :
    I moved to a new country like one month ago. This place is beautiful but in comparison of Puebla, I think Puebla is better. Here I have many new friends and a big, so big school. My new house is most big than Puebla’s one but well it is fine. I think here I will have much fun but I will miss you all 😦 . One day I will visit you.
    Love, Gaby ❤

    • Gaby Pardo

      When I get here I get amazed about how many beautiful things are here but at the same time I was bewildered because some sculptures are so extrange. I miss so much my homeland but I still want to stay here. Here, the airplanes fly so towering and I longed to be in one of those airplanes ! 😉

      • santiagovillalvazovillafaña

        dear Mr.Jonathan:
        I moved to very new country yesterday.This place is something strange i was so bewildered because some people eat spiders,ants,100 feets,alot of insects.I was amazed when i see a person doing a strange movement like kung-fu and it was stand up i 1 foot in a towering stik.I go to a restaurant very good i still there all day eating that strange food named sushi with soya and wasabi.Be care full with the wasabi at the begining i think it was ice cream of gum or of pistache.

  6. miroslava hernandez fernandez

    hi i´m a new homeland and i want say that i adapt very good because first i was amazed because i dont knew the lenguage but now i now iti miss everyone

  7. monkey group girl c

    Dear Mr jonathan:
    I love my new homeland , but I miss my family.I am so amazed that I can climb towering mountains.I get bewildered many times because I lost a lot.I met a famous sculpture and I still all the morning sawing the sculpture.I longed see you again. goodbye
    ximena f

  8. Rebeca Embriz Corro

    Dear Mr. Jonathan:
    I moved to a new country I am very sad because I miss my homeland. But this place is very quiet I visited a towering and many funny places I see a sculptures. I am very bewildered when I go to malls, museums or restaurants because I don´t understand this language! Here the traditions are very difference like others things. I think I will still in this country for a short time!!! I long to see you soon and go back!!!


  9. Emilio Real Granados

    Dear Mr Jonathan:
    I moved to a new country like a month ago and I am very sad because I miss my homeland. Im very amazed because the country has many towering buildings, the country has many sculptures in the parks. I longed to see my parents face when I visit Them

    Emilio real

  10. Roberto

    Dear Mr. Jonathan

    I moved to Paris. I really love this country, but I miss my homeland, Puebla. I am amazed with the beautiful things here: their gastronomy, the towering Eiffel tower, etc. First , French bewildered me. But ,I learned quickly. I saw the pretty Louvre museum´s sculptures. I still miss Puebla, but when I was there, I really longed to live here. Well, it is time for my French class. LIke they say here, AU REVOIR!

  11. Valeria Flores López.

    Hi Mary Dany, I hope you be fine, Paris is a amazed place to live and visit because there are many sculptures and museums, I have been riding bicycle in towering mountains and I learned some french words but is very bewildered, my new school it’s ok but I still miss my homeland, the food is the best from here because there are a lot of desserts and cookies, about the wether I have heard that there is snow on winter and I will have to buy some winter clothes, today is very hot and my friends and I can go to rest in the park; as you can see I think I will be adapted quickly , I longed you can come to visit me soon.

  12. Stephy Barrera

    Dear Mr.Jonathan:
    I moved to a new Country.Of course I miss my homeland.But this city is big and pretty the BEST thing about this place are it´s scupltures.People are friendly and fun.I´ve met MANY people here.Sometimes I get bewildered,I don´t really Know this lenguage,Don´t worry, I will get use to it.I am amazed about how people help each other I long for Puebla 2 be like this.Right now I,m living in a towering building,Sometimes it´s scaring.Anyways I miss you all.

    I hope with all my heart 2 be back and see ya´


  13. santiagovillalvazovillafaña

    They have lot of dragon sculptures I think they like that animal.I longed to go back to my homeland someday.

  14. bego

    Dear Mr.Jonathan
    I moved of my HOMELAND and I went to China . China is a very beautiful place ,but I don´t liked , I AMAZED of the food that I ate(Monkeys , rats , spiders , snakes, whit chocolate and caramel).I saw a TOWERING buildings and SCULPTURES. I traveled and I knowed a lot of places , I liked very much go to shopping because they have a lot of clothes very fashion . In sometime I BEWILDERED about their customs and their language because it sounds very funny. I go to a new school and the childrens are very STILL.I don´t understand the TV programs because they are like wedrfgthyiop´´ñ4lhkgtf90p´tegt9+}……..I miss my HOMELAND and my family , my friends and AMERICAN SCHOOL…… I LONGED go to Puebla .Pue.

    and see you soon .


  15. nacho

    DEAR juanito,
    Now i have a new homeland here in spain i love spain because i have a lot of friends well this is all i have been here in spain. Your friend NACHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  16. Adrian Buchholz

    Dear Jacob!
    I have moved to a new country. I long to see you in my new homeland. I am really bewildered over the towering vulcano we have here in Puebla. The vulcano is still at the moment. I was really amazed when i came here to Mexico and saw the sculptures they have here.

  17. Mara

    Dear Mr. Jonathan.
    I move to a new city, now I am living in New York City. I am very amazed because is a big city. This city the people call The city that never sleep. I like very much New York. This city have many towering buildings, there are very beautiful. I mis a lot my homeland of Mexico, but now I have new ones. I want to times square and I saw many sculptures of very important people that goverment this city. I went to Bronx and I get bewildered because, the people that speak there speaks very fast and a little bit rare. I still wait for you answer of the last letter I send you. I mis you a lot.

  18. Matt

    Hey Luke,

    I hope that you are all right, Korea is an amazing country to live !! It amazed me a lot because it didn’t look like my homeland because the buildings here are towering! I longed to come back because of the different cultures and different food. They have alot of sculptures.Some of the sculptures here are very bewildering but at the same time amazing. The waters in the beaches here are very still.


  19. alex

    Dear Mr Jonathan,
    I moved to a new country I miss my homeland on the school I get still like a sculpture becaude I get embarassed,I get amazed mhen I see towering buildings, I am so bewilder on school. I am longed to go to my homeland.
    yor friend alesioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  20. Miguel Angel Burgos Roldán

    Dear Jonathan:
    I have move to a new country it is dificult to addapt to the weather but I will try to adapt .SEE U 🙂 ;(

  21. Maximiliano Romero

    Dear Arantxa:

    I hope you are all right, I have a new homeland in Sweden, the language is bewildered, but I`m trying to do my best. I`m amazed because I have new friend and the school is very easy. this country has a lot of beautiful sculptures, they are towering.
    I traveled a long distance to get here, I`m going to still here for a wile, i hope you come to visit us.


  22. When I just got here I did´nt like it then was amazed I saw the towering towers,I saw alot of bewildered things.I was still for a moment I was looking at the sculptures. I longed you come see my homeland.

  23. Bernardo

    Dear mom and dad,
    I moved to Berlin YESTERDAY Iwas amazed when i saw those towering buildings.I was a little bewildered because of the language.I hope to see my homeland again.The soccer stadiums are like sculptures and I longed to watch a Game of GERMANY. I will stay still here for a long time so i hope you are ok.
    Write back,
    Your son Bernardo

  24. santiagovillalvazovillafaña

    I like this homework.

  25. Leonard Rudloff

    Dear Alfie,
    As you know I have just moved to Thailand and I am having a hard time getting used to it! It is so different. Their food amazes me! They eat rats, snakes and all sorts of insects! Their language bewilderes me. For example hello is “สวัสดี”!!! There are loads of towering buildings everywhere. The Buddha sculptures are really beautiful and the Thai devils are awesome.
    I still miss my homeland and I long to go back.
    How is everything? Are you better friends with Mollie? How is the new kid?
    I hope to see you soon.

  26. Fabrizzio Cuanalo Roldán

    Dear mr.J. I move to italy .i like my new homeland at the begining i was verry bewildering but i met the contry and i like it very much i saw many scupultures,towering buildings.I was amazed that people was very honest.But longed to go with you guys. Love Fabrizzio. 🙂

  27. emi .m.t

    DEAR Pepito

    wene i came here to miame I wase amazed and hir is a Romero brito and he make cool think like sculptures an towering i like miami Pepito.

  28. Samuel Peralta

    Dear Mr.Jonathan
    I travel to United States.When I was there I was amazed and bewildered.
    I see alot of Sculptures very towering.I was goin to still be there along time.
    I have a good homeland.I longed to come back.

    Good Bye and happy year.

  29. Mely Lazcano

    Dear mr Jonathan

    Like 1 month ago i moved to París i think is so amazed the Ifel Tower, here are alot of sculptures and towering buildings ,but i always miss my homeland the costums ,the chiles en nogada and all .Here i eat snails but i think i will go on christmas

    Here in París


  30. Miguel Angel Burgos Roldán

    Dear Mr.Jonathan
    I have move to a new country . I feel bewildered because of the costumes , for example the sculptures aré made of animal bones.I still amazed watching them . Also there aré towering monuments that represent their gods . I wil try to adapt but I strange my homeland.

  31. Luz América Martínez Arroyo

    Dear Juana
    I go to New york and i amazed!!!!!about the city , the people and I saw a beautiful sculptures I mis my homeland but I want to still here in New york.

    luz mery

  32. jose l

    dear pedro,
    i move to spain here are many sculptures . I still in the out doors of the airport beacouse i´m amazed¡¡.
    I miss my homeland but I like to stay here in spain your friend jose

  33. Abi Espinosa

    Dear mom,
    I miss very much my homeland so i longed to return one day.
    At first i was bewilder because of the new language here in China.
    I am amazed because of the towering sculptures. I’m planing stay
    here in China but i will visit you one day.

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