Homework for 24/9/2012

Finish the body of “Diary of a whimpy kid” essay. Make sure to include 3 examples of pressures that took place in the movie in detail and your opinion of why its a bad or good pressure. For example,

In the movie, Greg was pressured to hang out with his brother everyday because if he did´nt, his mother would not give them “mom bucks” and his older brother Roderick would beat him up.

Examples of pressures in the movie are :

1.         Lie

2.         Apperance (look good)

3.         Make people happy

4.         To be liked or to be cool

5.         Be in a Group

6.         Fit in

7.         To share feelings

8.         To see adult things

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7 thoughts on “Homework for 24/9/2012

  1. Aileen Marquez

    1. That greg was trying to skate very fast so he could fit in the group of holly hills and to be near her.
    2. When greg got in the car to go to church accidentally sat down on a melted chocolate and when he saw that he had seemed to miss the poop and then use the sweater of his mother because there was holly hills in the church and greg doesnt want that holly see that melted chocolate ,but his older brother rodrick step on the sweater and the sweater fell and a girl shout he poop on his pants and everyone sarted to laugh but hooly didnt to much.
    3. The older brother of greg rodrick he was teaching greg how to be a favorite student.

  2. Roberto

    From all the pressures of Diary of a Whimpy Kid 2, I choosed to see adult things, to be liked or to be cool and to make people happy

  3. MARA

    From the Diary of Whimpy Kid , i choose Ma ke people happy, To be in a group ,and Lie.

  4. Matt

    I chose lie, fit in, and apperance.

  5. From the Diary of a Whimpy Kid 2,I choose Lie,To be liked or to be cool and to Make people happy.

  6. Emilio Real Granados

    I choosed to lie, apparance,,be in the group.

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