Under Pressure! What would you do?

In 5th grade I became best friends with this girl named Jenny. She seemed like she would be a very good friend. I guess that’s when I learned that you should never judge a book by its cover. I soon learned that she was the exact opposite of a good friend. She would put me down, say mean things about me to other people, and toward the end of our friendship she would be mean to my other friends. I would tell myself that she was just having a bad day or that I was just imagining things. We did have a lot of fun things together although, through teenage peer pressure, I mostly got in trouble with her. Every day my self esteem would be lowered in some way by her.

She would tell me that I looked like a hippo in my clothes and that I needed to lose a lot of weight because I was fat. She would try and get me to starve myself. She got mad when I wouldn’t listen to her, so finally I just gave up and did what she wanted because I wanted my best friend to be happy. I only managed to starve myself for a week. Starving yourself is very unhealthy it causes you a lot of problems. Jenny ended up in the hospital after two months of starving herself. She couldn’t smell food without getting sick. You should never give in to what your friends tell you to do if there’s any doubt in your mind that it can hurt you or that it’s wrong. She would also tell me that she only would hang out with ugly people to make her look better than she already did.

Eventually I stopped hanging out with her so much. I would only talk to her about once a month if that. My self esteem was gradually increasing. I started hanging out with better friends. I was doing well.

What do you think about this story? What would you do in this situation.


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20 thoughts on “Under Pressure! What would you do?

  1. Aileen Marquez

    I think that I would do like talking one time each week because she was mean so I dont want to get in problems. If a friend said to you go and drink alcohol and get drunk or you would do not be my friend even that I am his best friend I shouldn´t do that because I can go to jail.

  2. Maximiliano Romero Budib

    I think that jenny is a bad person and friends need to respect each other, In this situation I would say to Jenny that starve myself is a bad decision and I would leave her alone

  3. Edith

    I would not be her friend any more because she is a bad person and is more important my health that a bad friend. I think that the friends need to respect the feelings and decisions of the others.

  4. Valeria Flores López.

    I think that Jenny is a bad friend because friends don´t do that or Yes? I think not, is healthy you do another friends that take care of you well? I also will tell Jenny that if she want to be my friend she have to respect me and my feelings.

  5. well I think that Jenny is a bad friend because a friend don’t make you do bad things or that kind of things, right ? Well maybe I will talk with her and make her think about the consecuences she can have ! well HBD

  6. Leonard Rudloff

    I think I would do the samething because Jenny is a bad influence.Another thing is that if Jenny is lowering your self esteem it is not only a problem for you, but also for your frends because they will think you are a bad person and they would not want to be your frend.You have a good opinion…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  7. Roberto

    I think that like Jenny, there are people like this in the school. I think real friends don´t put their friends in danger, so Jenny is not a real friend, she is mean. In our lives, like I said, people like this are our friends. Be careful, not everyone is a real friend.

  8. Emilio Real Granados

    I think that Jenny is a bad friend because if she would be a good friend she will respect my friends.
    In this situation I will not be any more she’s friend because she is bad to me. In real life there are people like this so be carful choosing your friends.

  9. Bernardo

    I think that you dont have to let other people make you say and do things that you dont want and that offend other people .You dont have to be friends with that kind of people

  10. I think Jenny is a bad friend because she did not respect others, in this situation I would tell Jenny that she is not a good friend and I would leave her alone

  11. Matt

    I totaly agree with you because if I had a friend like her I would tell her to stop bugging me and my friends or stop being my friend.

  12. Stephy Barrera :)

    I think that friends like that aren´t really ¨friends¨ In my opinion Jenny is a bad influence for you.If a friend really cares about you and they love you,they will never talk to you,just like Jenny did.Starving is really dangerous for your body and health.
    If I was on that situation I Will say -No,I would never do that to please you!!!!
    I will express myself in a healthy and respectful way.

  13. XimeC

    I think that Jenny want to be the best and she is a bad friend. I will not be her friend because the real friends show respect .

  14. emilio maldonado

    I won´t be friend of Jenny because she was bad with me and my self esteem would be lowered and she think that my clothe was of a hippo.

  15. Andrea Navarro Millán

    I think that Jenny was a bad friend because a good friend is the one that you can trust, they respect you, and the one that values you for what you are and gives you good advices. I would not still being her friend and I would say to her that thanks for her friendship but her self and myself are not the same so we shouldn´t be friends anymore.

  16. Miros

    Wow was very cool the story 5th grade RULES

  17. Lulú


  18. Abi Espinosa

    I wouldn’t hang out with her because shérif was a bad friend and i wouldn’t starve myself

  19. Mely

    I think that jenny is a bad person i wont be friend with she again because she dont respect decicions

  20. vivisan2000

    I think about the story is a good story because it learn you to choose your friends carefully and to don´t do the things of someone else or failure to obey the orders of others.And if i was in a situation like that one i will told to Jenny the consequences she could have.

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