Homework 11/6/12






Where are your Ancestors from. How did they get to Mexico. What is one of your customs.

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20 thoughts on “Homework 11/6/12

  1. Ricardo Bravo

    My ancestors are from Guatemala

    In the past the state of Chiapas was a state of Guatemala, but on September 1821 the state of Chiapas became part of Mexico.Then our family became Mexican people.

    One of our costumes is that we conmemorate St. Esquipulas a black god. We eat many diferent foods like Tamal de Chipilin, Agua de Taxcalate, Agua de Pozol, Chumul, etc.

  2. Maximiliano Romero Budib

    My ancestors are of puebla, mexico, frace, liane and of spain

    they get to mexico because hey need money

    Libyan cuisine derives much from the traditions of the Mediterranean and North Africa, with an Italian influence, a legacy from the days when Libya was an Italian colony. One of the most popular Libyan dishes is a thick highly-spiced soup, known simply as “Sharba Libiya” or “Libyan soup”. Sharba Libiya contains many of the ingredients of many other Libyan dishes, including onions, tomatoes, meat (chicken or lamb), chillies, cayenne pepper, saffron, chickpeas, mint, cilantro, and parsley.

  3. Emilio Real Granados

    My ancestors are from Sinaloa, Coahuila and Durango

    All of them are from México

    At Christmas we sit at a big beautiful table, we thank god for all the year gone and we eat turkey and shrimps.

  4. Nacho

    From spain and mexico.

    By an airplane.

    Our customs are simillar from mexico like
    Dia de reyes and christmas

  5. Robert de la Rosa

    Well, my ancestors are from México, already, Puebla & Veracruz. Veracruz is famous for its beaches and coffee. Puebla for chiles en nogada and mole, also for starting the Mexican Revolution.
    In my family we celebrate costumes like Christmas, “Día de Reyes”, All Saints Day, Day of the Death, Mexican Independence, & Dia de La Calendaria. But we also celebrate Halloween, a USA costume.

  6. Migue

    My grandparents from the size of my father are from Queretaro.I don’t know moré details.
    From the size of my mother her motherwas born in Puebla as their parents.My grandfather comes from Xalapa,Veracruz, at the same time his mother is from Toluca and his fatherwas born on a place named Coatepec,Veracruz
    My mother’s siblings have the tradition of the “ofrenda”.they use to make tamales, mole, and my grandmother use to put a very big one.

  7. adrian

    my ancestors are from chile,spain,german,denmarkand bosnia.i have livde all my Life in sweden. my father was offerd a job here in Puebla mexico thats why we live here now. becuas i have so many natitionalites in me whe have a lot of differant customs. in sweden we celebrate a sant calles Lucia. its on december 13. we chose a girl who is the Lucia and she has a White dres on and lhigts in her hair. we eat girgerbread and lussekatter.

  8. Gaby Pardo

    My ancestors where from Spain, my grandpa came from Spain in a boat by 1933 and he came because of the “Spain Civil War” my grandpa’s family was killed in the Civil War. Two of our costumes are to eat “Paella” and to dance “flamenco”

  9. Valeria Flores López.

    My ancestors where from Spain, and my grandma came to Mexico in a boat and she came because of the Spain Civil war my grandma`s family was killed there. Some costumes are to eat Paella and celebrate the Day of the Death and also that they is my birthday the 2 of November.

  10. Stephy :)

    My ancestors where from Mexico,already,one of the costumes is that We celebrate the Day of The Dead

  11. Matt

    My ancestors were Korean. My ancestors never came to Mexico, but i’m in Mexico because my parents came here as missionaries. But before my parents came to mexico they went to the U.S.A and they grew up their. Most of the customs that we have are american like Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July and New Year.

  12. María Fernanda Ruiz

    My ancestors are from Honduras and my grandma is of México.My granos came yo work in a fabric.
    A costume that we do in christmas is to eat chiles en nogada my grandma do pozole and chiken in the nigt we sing or danse.

  13. Aileen :P

    My ancestors where from france they came to Mexico in the age of the Revolution and they arrived in Durango. They came to Mexico because there were many good opportunities and they want to meet new people. It was very different. The custums were to be close to family, they dress with a jacket, vest, white shirt and leggings.

  14. Luz América Martínez Arroyo

    My ancestors were from Portugal they came with Cristobal Colon they came to stay in the new land.

  15. Luz América Martínez Arroyo

    they looked for neww oportunities in this place. The last name of my ancestors is PINTO, and my mom still have that last name.

  16. Andrea Navarro Millán

    My ancestors are from Mexico, they have always lived here. They came to Mexico because they decided to live and work here. We celebrate special holidays in family like Christmas, we pray around the Advent wreath, Independence Day, Easter week, etc.

  17. LeO

    My ancestors came from Brazil, Portugal, France and Italy. I have two grandparents from Brazil, one from Italy and one from France. I have three great grandparents from France, three from Portugal and two from Italy.
    My portuguese ancestors arrived in Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, at the beggining of the 19th century by boat and never went back to Portugal.
    My italian ancestors came to France during the World War II and just went to Italy many years after, just on holidays.
    A special celebration in Brazil is Carnival and the one from Rio de Janeiro is the biggest in the world! It is amazing!
    In France, we celebrate the 14th of July (the day of the storming of the Bastille, the medieval fortress and prison in Paris).

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