Say NO to GMO!

If your whole group signs it, you get 3 points!!!!!

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29 thoughts on “Say NO to GMO!

  1. Clammy12


  2. fabrizzio


  3. Aileen Marquez

    I already did it

  4. abi espinossa

    I sign in

  5. Edith

    I alredy did it 🙂

  6. Edith

    And also my brother

  7. Roberto de la Rosa

    I signed it

  8. Stephy :)

    I signed it

  9. Cesia no apellido

    I signed it

  10. vivisan2000

    I already did it. yeahhhhhh

  11. miros

    i did it i did it 😉

  12. Robert de la Rosa

    I DID IT. YAY!

  13. Robert de la Rosa

    Right now I am gonna tell mom & dad. Even my aunt!

  14. Ana Karen Torres

    I had signed it.

  15. Alexa

    I do it

  16. Mely

    I do it and my friend and my mom and my dad and also my brother

  17. Ber

    I sign

  18. Alexa

    My dad do it

  19. paola

    I signed

  20. Maximiliano Romero Budib

    I did it

  21. LeO

    i did it

  22. Luz America

    I signed it:-)
    Three points yes

  23. Valeria Flores López.

    i did it

  24. adrian

    i signed it

  25. i did it

  26. lulubel

    i sign it

  27. José Manuel Gutiérrez Habib

    I sign it

  28. yeah i got three points woooohoooooo

  29. Let´s go laffy taffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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