Homework 7/3/13

What does respect mean to you?

Is respect earned? how?

What can you do to show you have respect for teachers and classmates?

To get credit, write at least 6 sentances!


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48 thoughts on “Homework 7/3/13

  1. Emilio Real Granados

    Respect means don’t botther other people. It means give good show of you and you will revive good show. Respect can be earned. You can earned respect by being good with other people.You can show that you have respect with the teacher by hearing what they are saying. You can show respect to your classmates by don’t talking wheres they are talking.

  2. 1
    Respect for me is to don´t laugh of a person because it has glases.
    Is to show your care to everyone,and to be fair with everyone too.
    You can earned respect by showing that your nice with peole.
    I can show respect to my teachers by acting good with my friends ,treat them nice,and playing with them good.
    I can show respect to my classmates by don´t saying bad words,and by don´t fight withem.
    I´m always respect well I always try to be. tadaaaaaa

  3. Respect is when people help and listen others. Also, when individuals open their hearts to understand others and appreciate others´s ideas. I have to earned respect from others because if I do not respect, I will not be respected. I can show respect to my teacher by listening to him, doing my homework, showing good manners. I can show respect to my classmates by helping them, listening to them, take of her things. Our commitment in this school is to be caring, reflective, principled , balanced and open minded in order to respect each other.

  4. Valeria

    Respect means be nice with people
    Yes, you earn respect in your house your parents teach yo
    I will not talk when others are talking

  5. Edith :)

    1. Respect for me means to be good with other persons. To be a good friend.
    2. The respect can be earned if you are friendly,no only with your friends, with other persons too.
    3. You can show respect being friendly and nice with other persons and no make fun of them.

  6. ximena f

    respect means to be generous with other people and to not bother people.
    yes, you earn respect by having good behave. I can show respect to teachers and class mates by dont bother and to paying attention.

  7. LeO jOrDaN

    Respect means that you lisen to other people
    yess because by lissning to them or being nice to them
    by lisning to them and by helping them

  8. Nacho

    What does respect mean to you?
    Respect mean to me ro not bother any person

    Is respect earned? how?
    I think yes because your parents teach to you how be raspetfull with other people.

    What can you do to show you have respect for teachers and classmates?
    I wil show to my teacher and classmates that i have respect by showing that hang out good with my classmates.

  9. Nachismo

    Jajajajajan im nachismo

  10. Andrea Navarro Millán

    Respect means to be kind, generous and nice with other people.

    Yes, respect is earned because if you want to be respected, you need to respect others too.

    To show respect to classmates and teachers you need to show that you pay attention to them, you should be kind, talk to them in a good way, don´t saying them bad words and respecting them even if they´re different to you.

  11. Aileen Márquez :P

    Respect to me means
    1To do not laugh at a person with special problems.
    2 To do not say bad things to other person.
    3 To be honest with people don´t say things that aren´t true.
    I think that respect is earned if you respect other people as you would like to be respected.
    I think that I can show respect by paying attention in class and if someone is talking I need to be quiet.
    Also to respect their comments and their way to do things and special problems they have or things that they need to wear like glasses,braces, etc.

  12. Ricardo Bravo

    Respect means to be nice with other people.

    Yes because if you want respect, you have to give respect to others

    Dont talk when someone is talking, Dont laugh at others etc.

  13. Maximiliano Romero Budib

    1 Respect means to me not say bad words from other people
    2 Yes respect can be earn by giving others respect
    3 Don´t be bad with my sister

  14. miros

    respect for me is to dont do bad things to someone
    i think no because if you respec someone he or she is going to respect you
    dont saing bad things to teachares and clasmates
    bbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee 🙂

  15. Cesia Bonilla

    Respect means for me is to be nice and it is a very important value and we have to be respectful.
    I think respect is earned, because many people on the classroom show respect for our classmates.
    What I can do to show respect is to be helpful and to treat people how they really have to be treated.

  16. What does respect mean to you?
    Respect is when you acknowledge other peoples choices and when you treat everybody the way you want to be treated.

    Is respect earned? how?
    Yes respect is earned by respecting others and treating them with care.

    What can you do to show you have respect for teachers and classmates?
    Acnowledge them and treat them well.

  17. Mara

    Respect is means for me be kind.
    Yes respect because you want respect you need respect others

    Don’t said bad words
    To be honest

  18. Mrs.bieber reyes fierro madrigal amo a Carlos fierro JUSTIN bieber Luis Madrigal y a Diego reyes 💗💜💓💕💖💞💞💘

    Respect is means for me is to be godo Eithan others
    To be friendly with others And respect others
    Dont do Badajoz rings to other people

    • Bego, thank you for responding but try and spell check your writing. you can always go to google.com/translate if you want to translate spanish to english

  19. Mely

    Respect mean dont botther other classmades.and dont doing jokes to other thet dont want.

    Dont scream them,dont bully they,dont put bad face,dont being desordenado

  20. Stephy

    Respect means to me, To be friendly,and to always be polite and to respect other´s people ideas

    • Stephy

      Also to be honest with people,If you respect a person and yourself you can not tell things that are not true

  21. Darklion (Azul)

    Respect is not bother people or bully them, not to make bad jokes in front of them or treating them bad,it is to acknowledge them and be nice to them.

  22. Robert

    Respect is to treat others as you wanna be treated. It means to not do bad things to every person, even if he/she isn’t your friend. Is to try to be a better person everyday. Is to do what you wanna do, unless it hurts you &/or yourself. It’s to make the world happy with good actions. It’s to be a buddy, not a bully.

  23. Miguel Angel Burgos Roldán

    What does respect mean to you?
    Respect means that you have to treat others in a good way, although they are not your friend you have to respect them.
    Is respect earned? how?
    Yes you can earn the respect of other people by treating them good and being onest with them
    What can you do to show you have respect for teachers and classmates?
    One way you can show respect to the teacher and classmates is to put them attention, treat them in a good way so they can know that you respect them.

  24. Miguel Angel Burgos Roldán

    Out == LOL

  25. Samuel

    Respect is listen others by not bullyng them and not botthering them.

  26. Jose Manuel GH (JMGH10)

    Respect is an important way of being kind and good to other people. Respect means not making fun of others. Respect means thinking of how somebody else feels. Respect is treating another person the same way you’d want to be treated yourself!.
    I show respect help my friends and also help teachers , put them attention and try to be beater with my classmates and teachers.


  27. What does respect mean to you?

    when you dont make bad thinks to others,dont bother people,be kind to everybody

    Is respect earned? how?

    yes when you treat every one good they will treat you good

    What can you do to show you have respect for teachers and classmates?

    dont talk when the teacher is talking and follow their instructions

  28. Adrian

    1. to not laugh when somone does somthing rong
    2. to be nice to every one
    3. to treet other people like you want to be treted
    4. to tell the truth to every one
    5. do not say bad Words to some one
    6. do not interup MR.Jhonathan

  29. Berny

    Respect is to do not bother
    To do not laugh at others
    You can have respect respecting others
    You dont tall when they are
    Raise your hands
    Acepting Their opinions

  30. Ximena

    Respect means that You have to show that You are good with the others persons
    I can show to the Classmates And tachers that i respct dont talk when someone si talking

  31. gabypardoropeza

    Respect means to me:
    Don’t laugh about others
    Don’t insult anybody
    Don’t exclude persons or friends
    Help people
    Treats others how you want to be treated
    Put attention at class
    Yes ! Of course you can earn respect only treating others the way you want to be treated
    I can show respect just don’t making things the others don’t want to !

  32. abi espinosa

    respect means no to joke of others or bother them
    respect is earned because if you didn´t respect others they will not respect you
    you can show respect for teachers and classmates not talking when they are talking and not talking of them when they are not listening

  33. Sebas

    1. A feeling of appreciative, often deferential regard; esteem.
    2. The state of being regarded with honor or esteem.
    3. Willingness to show consideration or appreciation.
    4. respects Polite expressions of consideration or deference
    5.dont bully
    6. Love everyone

  34. Emilio Rivera(tio cheto)

    For me respect is when people don’t insult others, to not make jokes, when you help others, to let others to think and talk what they want and like.
    I can earn respect helping others, defending others and taking care of them, etc…
    I can show respect to etchers doing homework, paying attention, helping them, try to do good work, and fallowing the instructions.
    And with classmates, helping them in works, to do homework, to understand works, don’t offend them, etc…

  35. lulubel

    respect means like example now we are saying be a buddy not a bully so you don´t need to hit or sye offensive things etc.
    respect is earned becuase if you trate others with respect the will nottrate you with respect
    you can show respect by listened to themand not saying offensive things
    here is a video

  36. gerardo

    1. for me respect means be nice with the people

    2.Yes because the other people give you respect

    3.put attention

  37. Paola ortega

    1respect means to be good person with others
    2 Yes respect can be earn by giving others respect
    3I will not talk when others are talking

  38. Luz América Martínez Arroyo

    Respect for me, is not disturbing others, raise your hand to speak and treat others as I want them to respect me. Respect is earned, not bought, if you want me to respect you respect them.I can show my respect towards my masters obeying them. Whith my classmates I can get along better with them.

  39. omar

    Respect is to help or say something that can help others persons.
    Is to be good with someone to respect withe all the things and people.
    I think respect is earned when you respect they can also respect you if you don’t doit they don’t respect you.
    I can show respect to teachers and classmates is to not bother them when they are working or say something that they don’t like to hear like bother them with not respectful like say things of them that they don’t like.

  40. Ana Karen

    respect mean to me show amability to other people.
    yes respect is earned showing respect to other people.
    i can show respect to teachers and callmates being kindle to the people.

  41. Alexa

    I think that respect is very important because Treat others as you want to be treated. If we dont Have respect we cant live in peace. Respect means that you can be more generaus , friendly , helpful , nice etc.

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