Homework 13/3/13

Research “how are humans harming the environment” – post what you found.

Why is it important to recycle?

What creative things can you create our of recycled materials?

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32 thoughts on “Homework 13/3/13

  1. Edith :P

    1. Humans are harming the environment because we are causing the pollution, deforestation and global warming.
    2. Recycle is important because it has a positive impact in the world.
    3. You can create a lot of things with recycled materials like : shirts, bags, combs and more things

  2. Alexa

    If we not recycle our world going to end.
    If we recycle we can do more creative things.

  3. Andrea Navarro Millán

    Humans are now harming and affecting our world, in many ways some of them are:

    Cutting down trees
    Wasting paper
    Not caring about the environment
    Killing animals/insects
    Destroying natural habitats

    By recycling, we are saving the world. Recycling has a lot of benefits and importance not only to us humans but especially to our planet.

    -When we are swiming, sometimes we use some kind of floaters, some of them if we cut them at the middle, and we put them on the door, it helps us to not hurt our fingers, or crash the door.
    -Instead of throwing to the trash the light bulbs, we can use it to put a photo inside and it looks really nice.

  4. Ana Karen Torres De Labra

    The human impact on the environment has been nor resposable because we don´t use on a responsable way natural resources
    It is important to recycle because we don´t waste more natural resources to do the thing again.
    Whith recycle materials we can do a lot of incredible and crative thing like pencil cases, solar bottles lamps,etc.

  5. abi espinosa

    humans are harming the environment by driving our car, buying plastic bottles instead of buying a filter, not eating local products (they have to import them and the airplane contaminates),
    it is important to recycle because if we recycle we will contaminate less.

  6. Ricardo Bravo

    Recycle is good for us because we help the environment and also we can make many things with recycling materials.

  7. Robert

    We are harming the Earth in many ways,especially by:
    Using cars
    Making trash, etc.

    It’s important to recycle because it helps the Earth; plus, it means you are a green person.

    They can be created toys, dresses, suits, books, etc. with recycles materials.

  8. Nachismo

    We are harming the wirld in many forms :
    Using cars
    Is important to recycle because we can do many creative things.

  9. miros

    is important to recicle cause if we dont we die

  10. Miguel Angel Burgos Roldán

    it is important to recycle because if we use too much paper, we will need to cut down more trees to get more paper and it is bad because the enviroment will desapear and the animals will die, with the recycling form we will only have to use one page and then it get recycled and form another paper.

    what I can do with a burned out bulb is a sphere for the decoration of the chrismas tree.
    you painted like a pinguin.

  11. Juan

    The humans are harming the world in different forms like:
    Using cars
    Cutting trees

    Is important to resycle because we can make other things with that resycle things

    You can create toys, lamps, ornaments and furnitures

  12. Ber

    Ending recources reciclyng is good to save the world we can do benches or funny things

  13. Maximiliano Romero Budib

    Recycling is important because if we not recycle the world would end
    We can do creative things made of recycle materials like a jiraffe made of bottles, a car made of PET, a book made of recycle paper, ect.

  14. Paola

    we are harming the earth in many ways by smoking,Cutting down trees,wasting paper etc.

    its important to recycle becaus it help the earth and we can do creative things:)

  15. Darklion (Azul)

    Recycling is one of the most important things we need to do as humans,but not all people even try to do it like,hunters,fabrics,men selling exotic animals,etc. A lot of humans now are changing and helping the world recycling bottles,paper,plastic,cristal,wood an a lot more.

  16. gerardo

    Because if dont recicle the world has many contamination and a lot of thing that we have know we dont have in a time.
    we can make paper and things like that.

  17. Emilio Rivera(tio cheto)

    Recycle is important because you don´t waste more natural resources.
    Recycling you can get bottles, balls,bottles, etc…

  18. Emi M

    if we dont recicle the world will have many trash and animals will die

    we can make clothe of recycilng trash,paper and toys

  19. Cesia :)

    this is what I found: People have come a long way in making a healthier planet, and recognizing the changes that still need to occur in order to fully benefit the environment. Understanding the positive and negative human effects on the environment is crucial, especially in a time of major global warning concerns and of movements encouraging people to go green.

    • Cesia :)

      and its importan to recycle because in this way we care the planet

  20. miros

    and also is mare ecological and economic cause if we thow the bottle and buy other is bad for the earth cause is plastic and is to late to descompose so is so important to recicle

  21. Recycle is important becuse you don´t waste more natural resources.
    Recycling is important because if we not recycle the world would contaminate a lot.

  22. omar

    i think recycle is important because if we doit we can do any ting with the plastic or metal we are using
    if we don’t we loos a lot of things like animals any tips of plants or vegetables and we can contaminate a lot

  23. LeO jOrDaN

    In both the Amazon Rain Forest and other natural areas of the world over logging and conversion of forests to agriculture has resulted in the loss of native habitat for numerous plants, birds, animals and insects. This is a major reason of extinction in most species.
    so we dont use a lot of natural resorces.
    a plastic bag to a plastic bottle

  24. Luz América Martínez Arroyo

    I think we should care for the environment because if they start to look we will end with a miss world garbage and then we will be like in the movie Wall-E

  25. We are harming by throwing trash to the streets, using cars, smoking, etc
    It is important to recycle because if we recycle we help the environment.

  26. Aileen Márquez :P

    1. Habitat destruction
    In both the Amazon Rain Forest and other natural areas of the world over logging and conversion of forests to agriculture has resulted in the loss of native habitat for numerous plants, birds, animals and insects. This is a major reason of extinction in most species.

    2. Global warming
    With the exception of a very limited number of scientists the world wide community of scientists has recognized that man made emissions of green house gases has altered the worlds climate. This has already led to species transference, loss of habitat in the north, and an upward spiral of methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) being emitted from the permafrost in Siberia and Canada. Predicted and observed impacts may include drought, famine, changes in ocean currents and a cooling in Europe.

    3. Species extinction and Introduction
    Human activities have introduced several new species in to the environments locally (Zebra Mussels, fire ants, killer bees, starlings) which cause harm to the local human population and local (native) plants and animals. The near extinction of the bison and cod fish and the extinction of the dodo, geat auk, and others by direct human intervention.

    We need to recycle because the things that are already used we can use them again or make other things.

    One day I maked a ribbon with a bag of chips its very easy you just put the bag and the string on the middle and you make a knot.

  27. Adrian

    when we use cars we use gas and thats bad for the enviroment trash smoking.
    its important to recycle because if we dont the World will change the animals will die and we will not fell good because we wont have so much to eat anymore.

  28. Lulubel

    1. Litter
    2. Driving cars A LOT
    3. Smoking
    4. Cutting down trees
    5. Using more gas
    6. Wasting paper
    7. Not caring about the environment
    8. Throwing harmful food on the ground
    9. Killing animals/insects
    10. Destroying natural habitats
    its also important caring the environment because if we not we will get a poor nevel of world with not natural and fresh resources or things

  29. Mely

    Humans are garming the enviroment because we are contaminating it like smoke throw trash etc..
    2 is important ro recicle because we dont throw more trash because we are reusing it in a good way
    3we can create alot of things because somethings we have are madr of plastic paper metal etc…

  30. Emilio Real Granados

    Humans are harming the enviroment because we use the cars to much.
    We are killing animals
    We are Wasting paper
    We are cutting down trees
    It is important to recycle because if we recycle we help the enviroment.
    We can créate bags shirts pencil cases an many things with recycle material. 🙂

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