Summative Assessment

In you groups, you will have to do all of the steps below. Make sure to research everything. We will be able to tell the quality of your work by the amount of research and hard work you put into the project. You should be working on these things when you meet with your group and in class.

1) Analyze the needs of 5th graders

2) What goods do we consume

3) What services do we use

4)What are our interest

Design a product (good or service) that meets our needs

What is the impact of this product on our society and environment

Make sure that there is little to no negative impact on the environment


Identify your consumers

Design a market stand

Rent a space

Sell your product

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7 thoughts on “Summative Assessment

  1. Mely

    What we need to do ? sorry but i dont was today what is my team?

  2. Mely, your group is Abi, emilio and jose luis are in your group. please contact them

  3. Sebastián

    Mr. Jonathan in the we can sell pirated movies

  4. Sebastián

    Sorry i said in the market

  5. Stephy

    Mr.Jonathan,I don´t understand number 4-

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