Homework 9/4/13

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What are your favorite 3 Discoveries of 2012?  Explain Why? Your response must be at least 5 sentences!

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43 thoughts on “Homework 9/4/13

  1. vivisan2000

    The giant crocodile.
    The new life on Antartica.
    The Maya paints.

  2. I thinck the more impornant the maya temple,the limbles, and the new monckey.because from the history is very important the maya temple.The limbles are this animals like Worms but are Amphibians . and the monkeys because the world need more animals .this homework is good

  3. Emilio Real Granados

    I think the maya temple. I like it because we can now more about the mayas.
    I think the cocodrile. I like because it is incredible.
    I think the sugar in space. I like because it is an important discover.

  4. Cesia

    I liked the new planet founded
    I liked the maya tenple
    The God particle
    The sugar founded in space
    I liked all those things because they where interesant

  5. Aileen Márquez :P

    1. “The monkey Heaven” I like this monkey because his fur looks soft. I would like to see that night monkey I would like it.
    2.” New planet found in our solar system?” I wold like to mane that planet because it can be named by any person and I would like to be the person that names that planet. I liked this planet because of the color.
    3. “Giant crocodile breaks size record” I liked this crocodile because it is so big,huge and immense ans it is so cool.

  6. Jose Manuel GH (JMGH10)

    1 the the Maya temple because today many people can study more about mayas
    2 the giant cocodrile because I like reptiles and a giant cocodrile is awesome
    3 and the monkeys because the word need more species

  7. Jose Manuel GH (JMGH10)

    Mr.Jonathan I thing that is good questions
    Hola pepino

  8. Vale

    Sugar in space, new planet found in our solar system and maya temple.
    I choose this things because they are important. Sugar in space is important because the sugar show that it can be other planets with life. The maya temple is very important for history. New planet i choose it because it is interesting. Sorry Mr.Jonathan I put Sebastian it Washington wrong!!

  9. Edith

    My favorite 3 discoveries are:
    The giagant cocodrile because it is amazing
    The monkey Heaven because is very nice
    The Maya Temple because I Think that is important to know about more history and because this information is interesting

  10. Darklion (Azul)

    I think the most important discoveries are:
    1-IPad because you can do a looooot of things with it.
    2-VideoGames cause if there were no VideoGames there would be nothing to do in 5:00.
    3-And finally that Justin Bieber can die cause he is VERY ANNOYNG :).

  11. Andrea Navarro Millán

    1.- Sugar found in space:
    I think it was interesting because it is an important discovery. Perhaps life in other planets exist…. That is cool.

    2.- New-Species “Heaven” in Peru:
    This discovery was really cool! I really liked this one, the monkey was beautiful! The bad thing it’s that this animal is at Peru…. I hope one day Mexico can have it…

    3.- Maya Mural Contradicts Doomsday:
    I liked this discovery because I think that this has maybe something to be with out history, i would like to investigate about this more. I think it would be interesting.

  12. Miguel Angel

    my favorite one is the cocodrile one because it is so amazing that they can found a cocodrile of that size.
    my second one that I choose is the temple one because it is so interesting to know more about our history and of our ancestors.
    and my 3° one is the one of the sugar in space because it is a big discovery and it is also important for us because we can learn more things about our world and space.

  13. Ximena f

    Sugar found in space because is interesting and make me have curiosity how the sugar taste

    New species in Perú
    Because i Like a lot of the monkeys

    Maya mural because I think that is coló

  14. Maximiliano Romero Budib

    Giant crocodile: Because i love the crocodiles and it was incredible that a crocodile was more big than others

    The “Lost world”in Antartica: because I also love the sea creatures and a new specie of a crab name Yeti crab was awesome to me

    Limbless Amphibians Discovered: Because I didn´t now that the worms were amphibians I think they were of the family of snakes.

    P.S Mr jonathan I don´t now how to put the video that I show you

  15. Miros

    I like:
    The cocodrile cause was very big like a horse

    The lost world of Atlántida cause i thing That don’t have life and was no find it

    And the monkey cause is very cite and it Seems so soft the fur

  16. Miros

    Lol 🙂 lol 🙂

  17. 1- The lost city, i like this one because in the lost city they will find more acuatics espicies.
    2-The sugar founded in space, if sugar desapear in our planet we will have the one in the space.
    3-The god particle, we can do incredible things with it, exept using it to damage.

  18. Robert

    I think the discoveries of the God particle, the sugar in space & giant crocodile are important. I think the discovery of the God particle is important because scientist fan understand why objects in the universe have mass. The sugar in space discovery is important because now we know another way to get sugar. The discovery of the giant crocodile is important because we can get more info about the crocodiles. Yay!

  19. Samuel

    1.-I like the crab because is the crab more rare I have seen.
    2.-I like the new planet they dicovered because it is going a good place to search.
    3.-I like the new temple because it is history to study.

  20. Ximena

    I like the monkie because It is beautiful And is a new animal that come to the planet
    I like cocodrile because i LOVE so much the animals.
    I like the new planet in our solar system because i am so exited to know about this planet.

  21. Gaby Pardo

    For me the 3 more important are first the giant crocodile and I think it is important because it is pretty cool to know more about reptiles. Sugar founded in space I think because this is one of the coolest and rear discoveries. Limbless amphibian discovered because I don’t like so much this kind of animals but I see that these aren’t so bad. I liked the discoveries of 2012, they are really good. I like to do this kind of home works REALLY

  22. paola ortega

    1.Giant crocodile because it is amazing.
    2.Heaven in peru because i think is really cool
    3.Sugar found in space becsuse is very interesting.

  23. Nachismo

    I like the big cocodrille because it look like a horse

    The new life in antartica because is interesting

    And finally the maya paints becase sometimes i ” like ” the paints

    • gerardo

      For me the 3 more important are first the maya temple because i thing its good learnd things of other culture and whith this we do many things the secon was the giant crocodile because is very very big and is impresionant and amzing the biggest of the reptiles.

  24. Ana Karen Torres

    I like the new peruan`s new species because their are new.
    I like the Maya Paints because they don`t say anithing abaut the end of the world on 2012.
    I like the New temple found in Guatemala because I like the new things.

    • gerardo

      and the 3 was the lost world in antartica because never i think that was live in other place that i dont know that

  25. Mara

    I like :
    1: giant cocodrile because it is amazing.
    2: maya paints because i think that is interesting.
    3:The life in antartica because is very good .

  26. Ricardo Bravo

    My 3 favorite discoveries were: The giant crocodile, the sugar found in space and I the new planet in the solar system because it is very stange to see a giant crocodile in the world, also its very interesting that scientist found sugar in the space and also it will be so interesting to explore this new planet in solar system.

  27. 1 The giant crocodile because it have abnormal shape and size.

    2 The Heaven species because it means it we have a new species discovered but it also means that we have a long way to find all the living creatures in this world.

    3 The Maya temple is good for the country’s culture and it will make tourists come and say “wow this place(Mexico)is amazing” Also we need to think about all the richness our cultura has and show our life style to others.

  28. Stephy

    I really liked ¨Sugar Found in Space¨,because I think perhaps that´s a proof that there might be life in other unknown planets.
    I liked the giaaaaaant crocodile,I think the people that found that huge reptile are gifted,because they maybe saw something that will never been seen again.
    I really enjoyed reading the article of ¨The lost world of Antartica¨,because I think that will be really important for New Science.

  29. Adrian

    1.I like the big Crocodile because its so huge and because its good for the people to se how big it is.
    2.the maya temple because ive Always liked the maya people and the thing abaut the end of the World thing and i Think this is good for us to now more abaot the maya people and what they have done.
    3.the new monkey because its good for the inviorment to have new animals animals and its realy cool.

  30. LeO jAmEs

    I think it is the new planet in our solar system because maybe there might be oxygen and we could move there

    I also think that god particle found because we could use this instead of things that has been effecting the earth

    And Maya temple found because if we look carefully we can find some objects important things and we can use it.

  31. Ber

    Giant crocodile buecause is bery big.A new planet because is interesting .New planet because is the ninth. Monkey because it is funny.Monkey because it is a new living thing.

  32. Pablo

    The giant crocodile because it is very cool and big.the monckey because it is funny and a new living thing.and finally the maya temple more people can study about the mayas.

  33. Abi Espinosa

    1. I like sugar round in space.
    2. I already like the new planet that was found in our solar system.
    3. I already like Limbless Amphibians.
    I like limbless amphibians because it’s a new specie.
    I like a new planet because i don’t know that it was a new planet and that it was in our solar system.

  34. omar

    I like Cuttlefish
    I like the way it capture he’s victims.
    I like the form of camouflage in the sea.
    It was like a strange fish and it something i have never sinned before.
    I like the way they eat they eat like every kind of fish.
    I like also the way they swim with their bodies.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  35. lulubel

    i like
    1: i like the monkey named heaven tha is located in peru i like becouse some of my family call me chango bb is strange
    2: i like the limbless amphibians tha was found in india i like because i love the insects and bichilos and things like that
    3: i like the giant cocodrile 20.24 feet 6.17 meters long i like because is a MONSTER Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it’s so cool

  36. Fabrizzio Cuanalo

    The giant crocodile because is incredible how this crocodile grow to much
    The new planet it’s awsame that new planets
    How is possible that sugar are on space I like it because is an important discoverment

  37. Mely

    The crocodile because it is amaizing the size of it

    Maya temple because we can know moré about this culture

    Sugar in the space because it capt my atention because we are polluting so much that now is sugar in the space
    I like this cuestions and i like the information the pages give us

  38. Pablo

    The giant crocodile because it is cool.And because it is huge.The monckey becauseit is funny.And finally the sugar found in spade because it is interesting because it is an important discovery.and because maybe ther can be life in an other place.

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