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Students will need to bring in a new book on Tuesday for our reading logs. Reading logs will be sent home to sign 2 time a week, please make sure students read for 30 minutes. I still have not seen huge improvement in students reading fluency and comprehension. Please bring in a chapter book that has not been read before. Book must be in English and 100-200 pages. Thank you!

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25 thoughts on “Reading Logs

  1. Artemisa

    Okay mr Jonathan

  2. Mónica Cuateta A.


  3. Gina Park


  4. Roxana


  5. Gaby López

    I’m the mother of Valeria and a think is a good idea.

  6. Maximiliano Romero Budib

    ok thanks

  7. gabypardoropeza

    Alejandra Oropeza
    I think it is a good idea that they read 2 times a week so they will improve on reading and writing
    OK 😃

  8. Edith

    I think that it is a good idea

  9. Lucero Aroyo PInto ( LuzMery´s mom)

    OK Mr. Jonathan! by the way..congratulations about your wedding

  10. Lucero Aroyo PInto ( LuzMery´s mom)


  11. Aileen Márquez :P

    Perfect, it is a great activity. She will look for a chapter book right now to take to school tomorrow. Bye, Sandra Medellin

  12. LeO jAmEs

    ok perfect

  13. Emilio Rivera


  14. Ricardo Bravo

    Ok thank you mr jonathan

  15. Jose luis

    Ok thanks mr jonathan

  16. Karla Hajje

    Ok Mr Jonathan, Azul already has her book. Greetings for your wedding

  17. Paola

    Ok perfect

  18. Pablo

    Ok good

  19. Mrs.bieber reyes fierro madrigal amo a Carlos fierro JUSTIN bieber Luis Madrigal a Diego reyes poncho González 💗💜💓💕💖💞💞💘

    Hilda León Díaz

  20. Bernardo


  21. Nachismo

    Ok mr jonathan

  22. Georgilett Bedwell Tlaiye


  23. Ana Karen

    Ok Mr. Jonathan. Thank you

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