What do you think about the video we saw in class? How can we be better teachers? How can you be better students? what can you do about this issue? Write 6 sentences to get credit!

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40 thoughts on “Education

  1. gabypardoropeza

    Well I think it was an easy way to show us and that I like when you educate us like this. I think you can be better teachers explaining us our homeworks better. We can be better children paying more attention and making homework. We need to take care of our school because we all need it and because there is where we learn. I think in our school we have very good teachers that maybe don’t need to change on anything. I like this videos because they are more for kids of our age.

  2. Vale

    I think is a interesting video because it explain us in a way we understand and also it teach us to be better. Teachers can be better being more patient with students. Students can be better putting more attention to teachers and the class, not talking and playing. I think children will learned more playing instead of being in a chair writing. This don´t means teachers let kids do whatever they want also children have to learned to respect teachers. School for kids mean being sit down writting bored things but it can change it the school let teachers teach in a different way. This is what I think schools do.

  3. Nacho

    I think that the video that we saw in class was an interesting video buecause the video talks about how it is created our school system.
    I think the teachers are good like that because some teachers are really really bad teachers they dont even teach us.
    We can be better students by following rules put attention in class dont talk when a teacher is talking etc.
    We can reflex an think about it.

  4. Emilio Real Granados

    I think the video was interesting because it shows us how to be better. I
    It was easy to understand.

    The teachers can be better by being more patient.
    The teachers should put us more games.

    I think the children should respect the teachers.
    I think the children should listen to the teacher.

  5. Andy Navarro

    I think that the video that you showed us was interesting and good for kids of our age, it explained in a good way everything. In that way we could learn better in this way.
    I think that some teachers sometimes don´t teach us in a really clear way, we can´t learn that much in the way the teach us the things! 😦
    We can be better students by paying more attention in class, working harder, making the homework, etc.
    I think that we need to think more about this. This video was good for us! I liked it… =D

  6. Edith

    I think that what we saw in class has a lot of reason.
    I think that if you study you would get a job, but also is an injustice that some people study and not get a job.
    I think that the teachers we have are good, I don´t think that they need to change.
    We can be better students if we put more attention and follow the rules.
    I think that this video was very interesting because it talks about school system.
    We can think more about this video and reflex.

  7. vivisan2000

    I like so much this kind of viedos because it make us laugh.
    I think about the video we saw on class was an interesting video of how kids, students, teachers are on school.
    The teachers I think they’re need to work a little bit more hard.
    But in the American School the teachers are great like Mr.Jonathan.
    The kids should not play to much video games I know that is so entertained, but we to handle this and put more attention.
    I think if we do that we may be best students.

  8. Gerardo

    Well i think that is video that i see in the class was very interesting video because first i like the way how express what is education i thing was a form very creative to show us what is.

    I thing that you are good but you can if i dont understand and i pain attencion you can repeat.

    I thing that we can be better sudents if we put more attencion and not be like shouting.

    Also can be better students don´t do bads thing and if we do the homework.

    Well i thing that is for the good of my education the teachers what that we learn more.

    I thing this of the school and if we dont change then the teachers go tu put punisment more worst.

  9. Abi Espinosa

    I think the video was very interesting because i learn thing that i didn’t know. You could be a better teacher by explaining well. We could be better students by trying to understand what you are explaining and paying attention.

  10. Maximiliano Romero Budib

    I think that the video that we saw in the class is important and interesting to us because they teach us how invented the school system and who oppose to it.
    It is also important because they say that we still educate children by batches that mean that we still put them by age group
    I also important because they explain us what question in almost all grades ¨How many uses can you think fora paper clip¨ The answer is 200 for people that are good at these.

  11. I think was the video was interesting because it show as how to be better persons.
    I think the teachers should be more patient. And that you explain better our work or homework.I think we can better students by paying more attention in class.We can reflex about it.

  12. Miros

    I Think is a good Thing to do with us to learn about educación i Think you can be better tacher expleining better the homeworkwe can be better children puting atention and stop talkingso we need to take care of our school cause is one of the best schools and Also the better teachers of Puebla so is good to teach us with videos

  13. LeO jAmEs (JoRdAn)

    I think that the video we saw in class was interesting because it showed us how the school system started. You can be better teachers by being more patiant with us. We can be better students by paying more atencion in class and doing good work.

  14. Paola

    I think that the video we see in clase is very interesting because I learn a lot of things that I didn’t know.
    Other thing that I like is the way are expresing what is education. I think the students should lisent to the teacher.teachers can be better by being more patient.the students should have to pay atencion to the teacher.students have to respet their teachers.

  15. Ana Karen Torres

    I don`t understand it competly.
    you can be better teachers by do`t doing stupid stops in te city.
    .We can be better students be studing more and do our homeworks.
    About this issue we can do many good things.

  16. emi M

    I think that in the video we saw in class was very intresing becus it say
    how they create the school system

    You can be better teacher by expain better but the school has good teachers

    if we dont play many games in the home

    put more attention in the class

    don play in the class

  17. Mely Lazcano

    I think that the video was interesting because i learn alot of new things like the school sistem. That some teachers dont teach us the things that we should learn in class. We can be better students paying atention to the class and dont use the class like social time. We can think about it but other people have to think it to.

  18. Roberto de la Rosa Cuateta

    I think that this video is very good because teachers & kids can understand why was the reason that schools were made to.
    I think that we kids can improve paying more attention to teachers & to our parents/guardians.
    Also we kids can improve by don’t be so lazy, to try to do our best & follow rules.
    But also, teachers can improve with trying to teach us not just writting and writting. Teachers can teach us by showing us videos (like U), commenting the videos, just, teaching us by fun things. That would help teachers & kids.It would help teachers because their students could pay more attention and be more alert. It would help kids because they would learn easily, so they would be well prepared to “exams” & they would not be scolded. I think we kids & teachers would be happy with a system of education like this.

  19. Sebas

    I thinck the video is awesome.I learn may thing of school sistem. I thinck in school all the teachers are good.If the childs dont play games in house we are going to be goos students.we can thinck about the video and everyone are happy.And to said to goberment this school system is bad.

  20. Ximena f

    The video was interesting and I learn about the school.The teachers colud improve if they make the class and work more interesting and fun. if the teachers were like that the kids would be paying more attention to the class. We can improve by paying attention. The teachers need to change for students change that things. If the teachers change we could improve our califications.

  21. José Manuel Gutiérrez :p

    I think

  22. Great answers everyone!

  23. Ber

    The video was interesting abot who do school . Teachers would be bettr if they do funnier activities and well pay more attention

  24. josé luis

    the video were interesting . it showed to me thing i didnt know. I fhink it was a good video and is good for us to teachers show to us this videos . I think that for teacher will be good to explain better the homework . The video is interesting to all the people to know how the economy works

  25. Ximena

    I think of this video that is important for use because is our world And our school. I think like said gaby expleaning better the homework And the works. I can be better estudent peating moré atention And work harder.well i think that i like the form You show us who to learn moré

  26. Adrian

    the video was realy iteresting because it was about school. I Think that in the school all the teachers are good. I think the teachers could improve on duing more fun stuffs in the class. I allso Think that wen a teacher is talkin evry one should be quiet. I Think this social network would work.

  27. Mrs.bieber reyes fierro madrigal amo a Carlos fierro JUSTIN bieber Luis Madrigal a Diego reyes poncho González 💗💜💓💕💖💞💞💘

    I think that video was good I learn about the school system.
    Teachers can be better explaining the homework better.
    I think that we can me better students if we put more attention.
    We can think more about this video and reflex.
    The video was so good

  28. The video we saw was really cool and interesting.The video showed us about the education system and how we percieve it.Teachers can start being better by putting more activities. They can also be better by letting everyone get a chance. I think thate us students canbecome better students by putting a limit on how long we use our electronic devices. I also thnk that students should have alot of self control and talk when we need to talk and be quiet when we need to listen. i think that i can start by not “trashin” my mind.

  29. trashing 🙂

  30. Luz America

    I think the video we watched in class was good because it teaches us about students and about how teachers teach us.I believe that to be good teachers can support more students in things we do not understand in class.And understand students and to help them in the problems both at home and at school.We can be good students helping teachers behave well paying attention and doing our job and respecting our teachers.

  31. Darklion (Azul)

    I think the video was interesting because I learn a lot of things that I didn’t know,you could be a better teacher by talking more with us, and finally we can be better students by paying more attencion in class.

  32. Alexa

    I think the video is interesting because it explain obout how education is change and how teachers are teaching us. We can be better students if we put more attention in class and bring the homework. If we put more attention in class we going to have agood job and a good pay.

  33. Ricardo Bravo

    The video was very good and interesting because it show us the school system.
    I think teachers can become better if they be more patient.
    And we can improve ourselves by listening, respect when other is talking, paying attention, being responsible to bring the homework everyday, manage our time, behave well in class, helping our teacher etc.
    I like the video so much.

  34. Juan

    I think that the video tha you show us in class was very interesting and it help us.
    I think that the teachers can be better paying more attention tu us.
    Sometimes the teachers didn’d pay attention to us.
    I think that we de students can be better paying more attention too.
    I think that some students including me sometimes we want attention of you the teachers but we didn’t pay attention.
    We can pay more attention so the teachers pay attention to us.

  35. Cesia Bonilla

    I think it was interesant and we learned many things many people sould know.
    Teachers have to understand people that is hard to be in their sits quiet (like me) and make activities were we take all that energy but at the same time learn about the unit and all that themes. Some kids that have that problem have good grades and dont have problems of understanding (I think I am one of them). I can improve by trying to always be in my place. What I can do is to help the teacher and if I have been disrespectful dont do it anymore. I can behave more in class and dont talk when the teacher is talking.
    I LIKED THE DRAWINGS OF THIS VIDEO and it was interesant

  36. Emilio Rivera

    I think that the video was realistic, and it talk about realy interesting things.

    Dont wet angry very fast, land eave essay homework that means about we saw in the day.

    Doing better work, being GOOF WITH ALL, dont make angry the teacher, and to be more social.

    Try to be better on this type of problems, and not be the ones down. (You know what I mean)

  37. Samuel

    1.- I think teachers can be better id the así all the students if they understand.
    2.- We can be better students by doing the word on time.
    3.- I learn that the old education sistem is no working now.
    4.- I see that in the past they dont like público schools

  38. Miguel Angel

    I think the video is interesting beause it is telling the true of whatis happening now.I think every one should aport some help to people that maybe is dificult for them to lern.Also I think that the goberment some times it is kind of selfish because they said that poor people would not have the same oportinities that a rich kid have, but I think those children have the same oportinities that we have, and also the same right.I can improve by not talking when the teacher is talking or puting attention at class so I can understand better the things and not have a lot of problems when I do my work, and also improve my behavior in class.


  39. Fabrizzio Cuanalo

    I think that this video was a good video because is telling the truth wow school are teaching kids i like wow you teach you but i think that students learn more easy is whith funny things,videos,presentacions.we can make more attencion to class to learn more and by no playing talking etc.I think that we can reanimate the school to be a better school by kids learning and by teachers having fun teaching. LOL

  40. Mary fer Ruiz.

    I think the video was interesting because it tell us the true about what is happening now in the country.
    Most people have to think that most people can sit quiet with out playin or talking.I think the teachers can do more activities that relative for the unit.I think that i will improve and don’t with other things.I can help the teacher and don’t talk when You talk.I LIKE THIS VIDEO IS INTERESTING AND THE DRAWINGS VERY GOOD.

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