Homework 23/5/13

Click on the Link, and play one of the games. Write 3 sentences for credit




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48 thoughts on “Homework 23/5/13

  1. Cesia Bonilla

    I got 100 porcent in the first quiz.
    In the the second quiz I got 3-5.
    The quizes were fun, I liked them.

  2. HI,
    I played 10 times.
    I did not do good the first couple times.
    But finally, I was able to make 5 out of 5.
    It was fun.

  3. Miguel Angel

    I got 78 percent on the first quiz.
    Then I got 4-5 questions answers on the second quiz.
    What I like from the second quiz is that I only do it in a random way and I get 4-5 jajajajajajajaj thats is having a good luck ¿right?

  4. Miguel Angel

    jajajajajaja I do
    Ave Maria dame punteria
    jajjajajajajajajaajaja it gave me good results

    TRY IT!!!!!! IT WORKS

  5. Ricardo Bravo

    I got 100 percent on the first quiz.
    In the second one I got 5-5!!!!!!!
    Those quizes were very fun.

  6. Vale

    In the first quiz I gor 100 pocent.
    In the second 5-5.
    I like this Games there were fun.
    It is better to learn with games.

  7. Sebas

    In 1 I get 100
    In 2 I get 4-5
    This games are awesome

  8. xime

    in the first quiz I get 100
    in the second I get 4-5
    this games are fun to play i like it so much

  9. Gerardo

    I got 90 percent on the quiz.
    Then i got 9-10 answer.
    I like the game.
    The game was really fun.This page was very interesting and fun.

  10. Nacho

    I got 79 percent on the first quiz on the second quiz i got 64 prrcent and i do another and i got 80 percent and thats it.

  11. Emilio Real Granados

    I got 100 porcent in the first quiz.
    In the esconde I got 4/5
    I like the games

  12. Edith

    I got 95 percent in the first quiz
    It was funny

  13. vivisan2000

    I got 100 percent.
    It was so cool.
    I enjoyed too much.

  14. In the first game i got 90 percent.
    In the 2nd game i got 4/5.
    The games were really fun!!!!

  15. Andy Navarro

    On the first game I got 89%.
    On the second game I got 4-5.
    This games were difficult but fun!

  16. In the first quiz I got 89 percent.
    In the second one I got 3-5.
    It was fun.
    I liked it.

  17. Maximiliano Romero

    In the first quiz I got 100%
    In the second I got 4 of 5
    I chalenge my mom and she got 3 of 5 jajajajajajajajajaja!!!!!!! The game is awesome

  18. Roberto de la Rosa Cuateta

    In the first quiz I got 100%
    In the second one I got 4 of 5.
    I liked it!

  19. ximena f

    in the first quiz I got 100.
    The secon one 4-5.
    It was fun.

  20. Abi Espinosa

    i got 100 preventiva on the first quiz and in the second one i got 4-5

  21. Abi Espinosa


  22. Alexa

    I cant enter to the page.

  23. Rebeca

    I play 2 times!
    It was funny! 😝
    I have 4-5!

  24. Samuel

    I get 100 in the first quizá and 4-5 in the second

    I think they were easy

  25. Ber

    I got 100 percent.
    3 of 5 in the second
    It was fun

  26. LeO jAmEs (JoRdAn)

    in the first one i got 100 percent
    and in the second i got 5/5
    it was so fun will play again

  27. miros

    in the first i have 100%
    in the second 4-5
    this games are cool
    lol the end lol

  28. Adrian

    i got 100 percent in the first one. Then in the second one i got 4 out of 5. it was a funny game byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  29. emi mt

    In the first game I have 50% correct.
    In the second game I have 2-5
    I like this games

  30. Fabrizzio Cuanalo

    On the first one i got 78 was to fun then on the other i got 4/5 i was like omg 😱😬😁

  31. lulubel

    in the 4-5 of the second.
    50% in the first jajjajaja i played 6 times
    jajajajajaj jijijiijojojjjujjujjejejej
    all i want is to played and playe im happy

  32. maryfer ruis m.

    i got 100% in the first one.
    in the second i got 3/5.
    it was realy fun i like much the first one.

  33. Luz

    In the first game after several attempts manage to get 100%.And in the second game takes 3/5 in that game complicated me.I enjoyed this little games.

  34. mely lazcano

    i got 100 % in the first one
    it was sooooo fun

  35. mely lazcano

    the second i won 3/5

  36. Ana Karen Torres

    On the game i haved a 86% correct.
    It was so fun.
    And it was si interesting.

  37. Emilio Rivera

    In the quiz i get 3-9 in the first one.

    In the second I got 7-9
    (it has a cool music)

    In the other i got 2-5.
    The other one was really hard.

  38. josé luis

    in the second one i get 4\5
    on the first one get 85
    there are very good games

  39. Gaby Pardo

    In the first quiz I had 100% I think it was fun and for our age.
    In the second page I had 3/5, i prefer the other game.
    I think this kind of games are good for us.

  40. Great job guys, almost every student has commented! were so close!

  41. Claudio

    In the first quiz i Had 100%
    And In the secon page i Get 4/5

  42. Claudio

    Mr Jonathan I am going to send you an e mail tomorrow you can printed and give it to me???

  43. Mara

    In The first quiz i got 100
    And in The second 4-5
    I think that is good to you tiching this .

  44. Alex

    I got 99 of 100
    I got 3 of 5
    It was fun

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