Culture Report

Remember the rough draft is due Friday. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE

Mr. Jonathan

As you all know, we are currently studying how people express themselves. Each culture is different in how they express certain things. Religion, dance, art, and language are all important in how we express ourselves.

In the next 3 weeks, you will pick a culture and write a 3 page research paper with 1 page of interesting pictures.

Cultures you can research include:

Zulu, Navajo, Inuit, Maya, Kayan, Inca, Bedouin

You must include ALL of the following topics.

1. Where is this culture from? How did they get there? When did they arrive there?

2.What do they eat and how do they get it?

3.what religion do they practice?

4.what types of art do they do?

5.what language do they speak? do they get married?

7.what problems do they currently have?

8.What makes them different from your culture?

Remember not to copy, i will be able to tell.


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