The Cove Movie

Dear parents,

On Thursday we will be watching The Cove. It is a movie about dolphins and the cruelty that Japanese people are doing to them. It has some scenes that show them being mistreated so I want your permission before I show them the movie. If it is ok for your son/daughter to watch the movie, please respond on the blog. In the movie, students will learn how activist groups express themselves by trying to stop the cruelty. If you have any questions, please ask me on the blog. Attached is the link for the movie review.

Operación delfín (2009) Poster

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43 thoughts on “The Cove Movie

  1. Nacho

    My mom said yes

  2. yes i have permission

  3. I gave my daughter permission to saw that movie

    Minerva Palacios

  4. Vale

    Gaby López.

  5. Emilio Real Granados

    Yes, Emilio Real has permission to watch the movie, thanks for asking!!

  6. Emilio Real Granados

    Rita Real

  7. Aileen Márquez :P (laker fan #1)

    We watched the trailer and I told Aileen that maybe there are scenes that can be cruel like killing dolphins and she said that she wants to watch and if there is something she does not like she will cover her eyes. So I gave her the OK to watch it, Sandra Medellin

  8. Gerardo

    My mom said yes i have permision

  9. Maximiliano Romero Budib

    My mom said that I have permision

  10. Edith(Ximena)

    Yes Ximena can see it

  11. Remember to ask your parents and not just say they said yes.

  12. Andy Navarro

    Mr Jonathan:
    Andrea has permission to watch the movie, thanks for asking!!

    Stella Millán

  13. Robert

    My son can watch the movie.

    Mónica Cuateta

  14. EMI mom

    Yes.Emi can see the movie¡
    Thank you

  15. Karla Hajje

    Thanks for your consideration, I really apreciate your efforts, and Azul can watch the movie.

  16. Mara

    Mara has permission to each The movie
    Edaena Contreras islas

  17. Mara

    Mrs jonathan What is The homework from today?

  18. Mara

    Sorry and thanks

  19. Léo james (jordan)

    My mom says yess

  20. yes Pablo has permission

  21. Josemanuelgh CA⚽⚽

    I am the mom of jose berenice jose can see the movie

  22. josé luis

    José Luis has permission to watch the movie. Tanks for ask. Elvira mom of jose luis

  23. Ber

    Ber can see the movie


  24. vivisan2000

    My dad said yes.

  25. Adrian

    Adrian has my permission to Watch the movie.
    Heidi Buchholz

  26. Gaby Pardo (Alejandra)

    Alejandra (Gaby’s mom)
    Gaby has permission to watch the movie
    Thanks for asking !!!!!!!

  27. Mrs.Bieber Reyes Fierro Madrigal Gonzalez amo a Carlos Fierro Luis Madrigal Diego Reyes y Poncho Gonzalez <3

    My mom say that I have permission to see the movie

  28. Clammy Rivers (Claudio)

    Yes, Claudio Can see that Movir
    Veronica Allegue

  29. Ximena

    Ximena can see the movie thanks for asking
    Roxana Taja

  30. Ricardo Bravo

    Yes, Ricardo can see the movie

    Liliana Cruz

  31. lulubel

    Ok Lulu has permission to see the movie.
    Miguel Guarneros

  32. Juan

    Yes …………. Juan can watch the movie

  33. Miguel Angel

    Mr. Jonathan thanks for your concern, I agree that this problems are hard even for adults, but also it is necessary to involve our children in them and the first step is to know the reality and then be part of the solution. I give my permission to Miguel to watch the movie and I hope that you obtain the correct information and use it in the best way. good luck.

    Ana María

  34. Paola

    Mr Jonathan Paola has permission to see the movie
    Patricia González

  35. Georgilett Bedwell Tlaiye

    Yes. I have permission

  36. Mely

    Mely has permission to saw this movie.

    Dra Luz Marina Prieto Santa Anna

  37. Mary fer Ruiz.

    Hello Mr. Jonathan marifer Ruiz can wach the movie.thanks.

    Xochilt Morales Aguayo.

  38. Samuel

    Si doy permiso a Sam para ver la película, gracias profe

  39. Rebeca


    Mónica Corro!

  40. Alexa

    Alexa has permission to saw the movie.

  41. Cesia Bonilla

    I give permission to Cesia to watch the movie

    • Cesia Bonilla

      I give permission to Cesia to watch the movie

      Alicia Osorio

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