Hey guys,

We have a missing READING STREET BOOK! The Book is under Miroslava’s name but she did not lose it. Can everyone please check at home to see if anyone took it home accidentally. 

If we cannot find it, I think it would be fair for all of us (including me) to pay $20 pesos. Please comment if you can come in today or monday to help!

Thank you guys


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12 thoughts on “HELP!! MISSING BOOK!!

  1. gabypardoropeza

    Ok maybe I can go on Monday ! At the class ?

  2. Aileen :P (Laker fan #1)

    I am going on monday

  3. Nacho

    I cant go sorry

  4. gabypardoropeza

    Mr.Jonathan I had an emergency and I need to go to Mexico City so my grandma will go to give you the money. Thanks

  5. Robert


  6. Only Gaby has helped to pay 😦

  7. gabypardoropeza

    You had to pay it all ?!?!?

  8. Robert

    Mr Jonathan.
    Where do we have to pay???

  9. Aileen Márquez :P (laker fan #1)

    Mr jonathan how are you doing there??

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