I Miss You Guys!

Hey guys,

how is 6th grade going? I miss everyone (except Burgos). Im joking Migue. I will be going back to California in 3 weeks!

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20 thoughts on “I Miss You Guys!

  1. gabypardoropeza

    Mr.Jonathan !!! I miss you sooooo much !!! Return please !!! How are you going at Canada ?? Ok bye 😉

  2. Aileen Márquez :P (laker fan #1)

    hiiiiii mr jonathan i miss you a lot and yes you have to return we miss you a lot and remember that the lakers are the best hahahahaha and have a wonderful wedding with MISS JORDENNE

  3. Robert


  4. Aileen Márquez :P (laker fan #1)

    No Mr Jonathan thats the warriors the warriors suck everytime everyday

  5. Aileen Márquez :P (laker fan #1)

    I vote
    You have to come back

  6. Miguel


  7. Miguel

    I vote

  8. gabypardoropeza

    I vote too for mr. Jonathan to return !!!!

  9. Leo James


  10. Leo James

    How are you

  11. Leo James

    Brazil is amazing and have a good wedding

  12. Leo James

    Hope everything goes really well and do come over for a visit! You will love Rio!!!

  13. Aileen

    Mr jonathan if you say that the lakers suck thw warriors also ahahahaha put photos ABOUT THE WEDDING

  14. Robert

    I vote for you to come back!

  15. Matt

    Pleeeeeeaaasee come back. We miss you!!!

  16. miros

    come back mr jonathan i miss you a lot 6th grade is so boring with out you

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