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12 thoughts on “WEDDING DAY!!!!

  1. Miguel Angel

    awwwwww thats so cute

  2. Miguel Angel

    congratulation mr Jonathan now your married jajajaja LOL

  3. Andrea Navarro Millán

    Wow! That’s really cute! I know that you saw my message…. 😭😭 hope ms jordenne and you are happy everyday!

  4. Vale

    Congratulations Mr. Jonathan we miss you a lot!!!!

  5. Aileen Márquez :P (laker fan #1)

    Mr jonathan I´m missing you a lot and congratulations you are the best couple!!!

  6. gabypardoropeza

    Mr.Jonathan I’m really proud 😊😊 you’re the perfect couple and I wish you the best marriage and someday see you again THANKS FOR ALL !!
    PS: I loved that it was a really original wedding and I loved the converse of miss.Jordenne…I don’t really remember how to spell it but I hope you have the end of you know HAPPILY EVER AFTER !!! 💏

  7. gabypardoropeza

    I miss you both ! 😟

  8. Edith

    awww both look so cute!!!!
    Congratulations!!!! ❤

  9. Mely Lazcano

    Mr jonathan the pictures are awesome we miss you!!!!!!

  10. lulu

    congratulations the pictures are incredible

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