Culture Report

Remember the rough draft is due Friday. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE

Mr. Jonathan

As you all know, we are currently studying how people express themselves. Each culture is different in how they express certain things. Religion, dance, art, and language are all important in how we express ourselves.

In the next 3 weeks, you will pick a culture and write a 3 page research paper with 1 page of interesting pictures.

Cultures you can research include:

Zulu, Navajo, Inuit, Maya, Kayan, Inca, Bedouin

You must include ALL of the following topics.

1. Where is this culture from? How did they get there? When did they arrive there?

2.What do they eat and how do they get it?

3.what religion do they practice?

4.what types of art do they do?

5.what language do they speak? do they get married?

7.what problems do they currently have?

8.What makes them different from your culture?

Remember not to copy, i will be able to tell.


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Wedding Registry

Mr. Jonathan

Hello everyone,

For those that have been asking, here is our wedding registry

Para aquellosque hanestado pidiendo, aquí está nuestra “wedding registry”

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The Cove Movie

Dear parents,

On Thursday we will be watching The Cove. It is a movie about dolphins and the cruelty that Japanese people are doing to them. It has some scenes that show them being mistreated so I want your permission before I show them the movie. If it is ok for your son/daughter to watch the movie, please respond on the blog. In the movie, students will learn how activist groups express themselves by trying to stop the cruelty. If you have any questions, please ask me on the blog. Attached is the link for the movie review.

Operación delfín (2009) Poster

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Homework 23/5/13

Click on the Link, and play one of the games. Write 3 sentences for credit

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Wedding Registry

Hello everyone,

For those that have been asking, here is our wedding registry

Para aquellos que han estado pidiendo, aquí está nuestra “wedding registry”

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What do you think about the video we saw in class? How can we be better teachers? How can you be better students? what can you do about this issue? Write 6 sentences to get credit!

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Homework 21/5/13

Read for 30 minutes, fill out reading log.

Complete worksheet

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Homework 20/5/13

Complete Grace and the Time Machine summary. Make sure to include pictures and color it.

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Outline due tomorrow!

Study for VOCAB TEST!

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Homework 14/5/13

Read for 30 minutes and fill out reading log

Start your outline, it is due Friday!

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