Ill miss you guys!!!


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Pizza Party!

Don’t forget to bring a drink and 25 pesos for pizza tomorrow

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Final homework

Complete your character box and write a story on it. Due tomorrow

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Wedding Party!!!!!

Group 5D

On Monday we will have a wedding party in Miss Jordenne’s class. If you would like to bring a main dish (Plato principal) please sign up! Miss Jordenne’s class will bring drinks and snacks.

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Final Homework!

Culture final draft is due FRIDAY! NO EXCEPTIONS, must be printed out and on my desk by the end of Friday.


Final Book report due Monday!

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Homework 6/6/13

Bring a box for activity
Bring scissors
Study for vocab and spelling test

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No Homework during SEP testing. We will be back to our normal schedule tomorrow.

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Work on Culture Report Due tomorrow. Please type and print it.

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Homework 30/5/13

Complete both Worksheets

Work on Culture Report, DUE FRIDAY


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Homework 28/5/13

Read for 30 and sign reading log.

Copy spelling 3x

Work on your culture report, DUE FRIDAY

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